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Peschiera del Garda - Culture

In 1553 Michele Sanmicheli had the Porta Verona built to his design which can be reached after crossing the bridge over the Mincio. Just after Porta Verona you can find the ex Artillery Barracks which was built towards the middle of the nineteenth century. In the square you can see the Padiglione degli Ufficiali, or Officers Pavilion, built in 1856, in Neo-classical style, where the Habsburg officers lodged and the former infantry barracks, built in 1822. In the same square you can also find the Troops Command Building, built in 1854, which houses a small military museum and where Vittorio Emanuele III, the King of Italy decided to continue the resistance along the line of the River Piave. On the road that leads to the old town centre you will find the Voltoni bridge, built between the San Marco bastion and the Cantarane bastion; as you enter the pedestrian area heading towards Porta Brescia you will notice the Feltrin bastion and the Tognon bastion, with the park of the same name. The military prison is situated in Piazza d’Armi, housed in the old hospital, which was built in 1866, nearby you can find the San Martino parish church and the Rocca Scaligera with its sixteenth century entrance. Just 2 km from Peschiera you can find the del Frassino Sanctuary and the monastery of the Minor Franciscan Monks.

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